Slide As I was observing the trees with their big roots sticking out of the ground, it came to me, that we are similar to the trees, like another God’s creation. We all have roots, we take time to grow. Some roots are small, some are big. Some are strong, some are weak. Some give us nutrients, while others drain us. Some are deep in the ground, some are overgrown, sticking out, creating obstacles.Read More
Slide Pray, friends! Slide Whatever those “things” are. We change & evolve every day. With God’s help.
Slide Keep working, praying, believing &, most importantly, loving HARD. Slide This Father's Day & any other day you can call out on your Father in heaven & He will answer you.
As Christians we are forever bounded to the Father through the Spirit. It is especially important to those of us who don't have fathers in our lives. That void will never go away if we don't let God to fill it. He's the best, kindest, most loving, never abandoning, wisest Father one can ever have on this earth. It's a privilege to call my God my father, too! 💗
Slide We need to be purposeful in knowing our hearts & ourselves. Our REAL selves. With all our sins, insecurities, fears, shortcomings, pains, hopes, dreams...All of our beauty & all of our ugliness. By being honest, we can acknowledge & transform ourselves. Rather, God can transform us, once we admit where & how we need to change. Once we repent, God will cleanse our hearts. Don’t bypass that incredible opportunity to transform not only your heart, but your life, relationships & future!
Slide God gives and takes away. Only He truly knows our hearts.
Slide Not the people we have partied with or drank with, but with those who have prayed for us & genuinely loved us.
Treasure those relationships. Don’t reject those who have loved you through & through.
Slide Have you ever been judged for looking good, looking your best? For taking care of yourself? For having a smile on your face? For investing time & money into yourself? You probably have. Read More Slide Who did Jesus come for if not for you & me?
Do you believe that you are good & worthy & your sins just aren’t as bad as those you see around you?
Read More
Slide Suffering...even the word itself causes me discomfort. I dread it, I complain through it & I have a hard time seeing anything good in it.
And yet...through Jesus’s suffering we got our salvation. Through David’s, Paul’s, Job’s etc. sufferings we got great lessons & priceless wisdom. Read More
Slide I have a HARD time with relaxing & resting. The reasons are a combination of my personality, lies I believe & false ideas. And my kids! They sure keep me moving. Read More Slide Keep walking the unbeaten path, the seems-too-hard path, the narrow path. Don’t be afraid to walk where only a few have walked. Read More Slide This world tells me to take revenge,
God tells me that He’ll avenge;
This world tells me to stay angry & bitter,
God tells me - let go & forgive them; Read More
Slide If you are a human, you’re not perfect.
If you’re a seasoned Christian, there was a time when you first became one. And you were also not perfect. You were growing, changing, evolving & getting rid of your old self. Read More
Women of G.O.D.
(Grace, Obedience, Depth)


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