Conquerors of Christ

International Youth Conference 2019

Name of ministry: Conquerors of Christ (COC)

Type: Traveling ministry

Date Started: 10/24/2011 in Nairobi, Kenya

Founder: Peter Rumenge


Be a part of something great this summer!

Come to Conquerors of Christ International Youth Conference!

Coming to Albany, NY 7/26/19 – 7/28/19


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   The founder Peter Rumenge shares a little bit of history of the COC Conference:

“It was just as any other normal day at work, when I suddenly heard a voice reveal to me that I was going to raise and train a force of young boys and girls, who were completely lost and didn’t know about God. After listening to the voice, I paused and said to myself; this sure is going to be a hard task and impossible because these kids were nowhere of accepting this call from God. But through the Holy Spirit, I believed that God was with me and was going to help me lead this youth to the kingdom of God. So, one day, I decided to attend one of their soccer training, where they were playing just for fun, and I thought to myself that this was going to be the right moment for me to talk to them, since they were all together at the same place at the right time. So, after they were done, I called them over and I told them that God had spoken to me over them and that He wanted to use them and shower them with talents and fruits of the Holy Spirit, so they could go all over the world and be blessings to Christians and non Christians. I said to them that since y’all love soccer, I’m going to form a soccer group for y’all and, in return, I urge you to be gathering some days during the week and teach yourselves how to pray. They agreed to do so and since they didn’t know much about praying, I organized a one week prayer conference and by the end of the week that’s when God revealed to each and every one of them, and they all received different talents including singers, pianists, evangelists and others started speaking in tongues. Since then I started training them, took them to the wilderness where I taught them how to pray and fast. Now these young men of God are all grown, both spiritually and biologically, and God has given all of us the opportunity to be in this country, for we have done so far two great conferences and we are about to launch another one."

You can find more updates on the conference on the web here & on Facebook here.