Dare to be 

Natalie Grant & Charlotte Gambill

By Katia Peralla

   I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Dare to Be event on August 24th in Rochester, NY & experience for myself the power of music by Natalie & word by Charlotte. The event was supposed to be one-night only, but a matinee was added in the afternoon, because the evening show sold out. Now, that says something. That speaks volumes on the need that women have. The need to be uplifted, inspired, reminded of God’s power in them. The need to be together with other women of all ages under the same roof, worshiping the same God. The need to do so not just on a Sunday at the church with the same people we love, but with strangers and friends-in-the-making.

   As I come into the arts center at Roberts Wesleyan College, the women have already flooded the place & many were seated. Family Life radio, Compassion International & Dare to Be were a few promotional tables set up right outside the main entrance doors.

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   Natalie Grant took over the stage & the whole building with her recognizable voice. She sang a few classics, like “What a Beautiful Name” & her “King of the World” & “More than Anything”. After her wonderful performance, beautiful lights & impactful video, Charlotte came out with a prayer & spoke on the topic of the tour - “Speak to the Storm”. She said that “God wants us prepared for the storm”. The “storm” can be a big or small unexpected life event that we all encounter at some point. She reminded women that “we are in good company” with God, but that we need to prepare ahead of the storm, not while it’s happening. She read from Acts 27 about Paul, the ship, the storm, the damage & the reaction of those on the boat. She humorously described each type of a person we can be when we go through life’s trials. 

   Charlotte then talked about the eye of the storm & its importance to us physically & spiritually. “Not everything that went into the storm, will come out”, she said. She encouraged women to look to God alone in the storms of life, to keep their eyes on Jesus, to speak against the enemy, to use their voices through the Word of God, to not be helpless, but be an example to those around us. 

   The event ended with more worship songs by Natalie, a call to repentance & acceptance of Jesus & prayer. Outside the hall, I talked with a few attendees to see how they felt. “It was wonderful!”, exclaimed Sue V., “I really needed to hear it…[It] gave me a little perk in my spirit”. Holly W. added: “I was coming out of the storm this past year”. The message was perfectly timed for her. They complimented the music, calling it “powerful”. What they shared is how most women probably felt - inspired, reminded that we are not alone. We all need to be prepared for storms of life & Charlotte gave us all great tools to use for those times. 

   A thought came to my me as I was watching these two women of God on stage was - what a powerful duo there are! They both have different gifts & they use them for Jesus. They compliment each other so well. It is important for other women to see what great fruit a Godly friendship can bring & what a blessing it can be to so many!

   Dare to Be is an annual event. There are still a few dates left coming up this year or you can wait for a new year & a new topic. But you definitely don’t want to miss it. 

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