People & Songs

By Katia Peralla

A local church in Schenectady, NY – Redemption Church – together with lead pastor Jason Cooper & worship pastor Steven Musso are a part of the collective of People & Songs. Steven helped author some their songs & together they brought the band to GE Theater at Proctor’s. The multi-church worshippers together with the traveling members of People & Songs formed a full choir  – about 34 people in the choir, plus 4 vocalists, 3 guitar players, 1 keyboardist, 1 drummer. That is a total of about 43 people singing & playing instruments together. Plus a full venue of people singing along. Wow. 

As this was my first time attending People & Songs, I was definitely curious & excited about watching a group that seemed to have a different concept than I was used to. And I was not disappointed. Is it a worship group? A band? A traveling church? It’s all of it & then some. 

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I did not walk into a concert, I stepped right in the middle of worship. A much bigger one than what you can see at a church. The whole room was worshipping, not just those on the fact, there was no stage. It allowed for the night to feel more relaxed & inclusive of everyone who wanted in on the worship. 

People & Songs are a community of worshippers, where one is not greater than the other. Each musician & singer complemented each other & did not take all of the attention of the viewer. You hear the songs, but you'd have to take a close look to figure out who exactly was singing. One of the local members of the choir Jessica Guzman of City Church was part of the worship that night, together with a few other churches. What a wonderful & creative way to bring the local & national body of Christ & voices together in unity for God. 

The collective travels & ministers together as one large family. Their love for Jesus & worship radiates through their voices & music. Their website explains: "A community of creatives, each one unique in their own artistry, together united by the mission to strengthen & release the voice of the church". 

If People & Songs are in your area, I highly recommend attending! Bring a friend or your whole family! You can find more information, tour dates & meet some of the members of People & Songs here